A rare treat
One morning - out of the blue - I received an email from a person that I have never met or spoken with before. This person has none the less been my inspiration for many years as a hobby-photographer.
I had know idea that he also was a fellow pipe smoker…

Rowland Scherman send me the images below with a fews kind words and his permission to share them here. The images was taken i 1968 when Rowland visited Denmark.

This is a rare treat. There are not many images documenting the “the world of pipes” from the days where many of the Danish pipe makers was “born”…

If you are not familiar with the works or Rowland Scherman you are missing out.

PibeDan 1968 - Photo by Rowland Scherman

Gert Holbek 1968 - Photo by Rowland Scherman

We are happy to present a new talented Danish pipe maker - Flemming Jakobsen.
Flemming has only been making pipes for a few years, and till now been working on his own with no help from established pipe makers.
When seeing Flemming's pipes it's clear that he has a talent and a good eye for the proportions in classic pipe shapes - a talent you seldom find among the many new and upcoming pipe makers!
We hope to see a lot more of Flemming's pipes in the future - you can visit his website here: www.jakobsenpiben.dk

Article by Jakob Groth

Pipes & Tobacco magazine #3, vol. 7, Fall 2002 published an extensive and excellent article about the history of pipes made of porcelain - one thing was missing, though:
The history of the modern porcelain pipe - read all about it here...