Buy New Danish Pipes:
In this area you will find a list of pipe shops, tobacconists and dealerships around the world, all with the one thing in common that they sell new, unsmoked Danish pipes.
Only shops represented on the internet with world-wide on-line shopping or mail-order will be found here.
The shops are grouped by country - please choose a country in the list below to visit the shops.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you have had a good (or bad) experience with one of the shops found in our list, please let us know to share this with your fellow pipe smokers and collectors around the world.

From time to time we will focus on one of the shops found in our shop list. The reviews of the shops will be saved along with any comments from the users for future reference.
Please let us know, if we have overseen a on-line shop selling Danish handmade pipes. It is our goal to cover the marked the best way possible.

Online shops around the world - choose a country...

Description of online shops and the people behind them, in their own words, and with comments from their customers - check them out: - Per Bilhall
(New and Pre-smoked pipes) - Margit & Aage Bisgaard
(New pipes)

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