In this section you will find various sources of information on Danish pipes.

In due time, I will bring a short version of the story of Danish pipes and pipe making - for now, I will suggest that you visit the site of Per Bilhäll - - where you will find a great article on the subject, written by Jakob Groth - a Dane, who really knows about Danish pipe history

Below, you will find a number of older Danish pipe catalogs in PDF-format. Click on a catalog to download it
Some of the files are quite heavy; so don't try getting them using an old modem...

Dantonia 1972
Svend & Teddy Knudsen
1.4 MB
Tom Eltang 2000
2.1 MB
W.O. Larsen ca. 1963
6 MB
Bjarne Pipes ca. 1970
2.4 MB
Faaborg Pipes ca. 1975
Viggo Nielsen
1.9 MB
Gaden Piber 2002
"Johs" - Mogens Johansen
580 KB
Pine Dan 1961
9.7 MB
Tao - Ilsted ca. 1978
280 KB
W.O. Larsen 1960-61
4.3 MB
Arne Urup 1991
Peter Heeschen 1999
675 KB
Georg Jensen, ca. 1970
1.1 MB
Norup Pipes, ca. 1968
650 KB
W.O. Larsen,
export catalog 1960-61
4.5 MB
Stanwell, early fifties
1.8 MB
Stanwell, late fifties
2.9 MB