Pipe maker: Peter Heeschen

Pipe makers grade of this pipe: A

Price / Price range: USD 300-350

This pipe review are based on my own personal opinion and should be taken as such only.
The purpose of the review is to give fellow pipe smokers some insight into the pipemakers style and the quality of his pipes.
I rank the pipes from 1-5, where 5 is the highest score

As reputation states, all Peters pipes are excellent made. I have yet only this one to refer to, and it seems, that this is no exception.
It is a beautiful and very elegant "P"-shape, that Peter Heeschen is so well known for.
Every part of this pipe is well crafted. Stem and shank meets perfectly and the tenon fits the mortise just perfect - not too loose, and not to tight. The Lip are gentle rounded with the end of the air hole extended to perfect dimensions, that let go of the smoke, gentle to your tongue.

In fact the only minus I can come up with, is that I have to use only thin pipe cleaners due to the fact that the air hole in stem and shank are just a little bit off - hence "only" 4 point here.

Length: 13 cm.
weight: 45 g.
Chamber: 19 x 35 mm.

Finish & Aperence
The overall finish of the pipe is perfect. The stem are mirror-polished and the inlay of mamut-tooth is just beautiful.
There are great birds eye on especially the one side of the bowl and a nearly perfect cross-grain on the bottom and front

This is one great smoker. Everything I have read so far about Peters pipes come true. It broke in almost at the first bowl (Raven's wing from G.L.Pease that I had in the pleasant company of Peter in his workshop).
There are a perfect balance in this pipe, and I can hold the pipe between my teeth’s without getting tiered.

A perfect smoker and a beautiful pipe. This is my first Heeschen - but not my last one. Great value. Get one if you can, you will not regret it...


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