About Benni Jørgensen
By Benni

A piece of pipe history.

The beautiful pipes of W.Ø Larsen became the start of my carrer as a pipemaker.

My name is Benni Jørgensen.I was originally trained to be a joiner, but the interest for pipes has become the passion of my life after one day in 1980 when I visited the showroom of W.Ø.Larsen on Amager Torv in Copenhagen.
I have worked for W.Ø.Larsen since then making straight grain pipes.

My good and educational collaboration with Ole and Inge W.Ø.Larsen has developed my skills for the production of the world's finest handmade pipes.

In the beginning, it was natural for me that my pipes had to be adjusted to meet the high demands and quality specifications of the design of W.Ø.Larsen pipes, in order to reach the international acclaim associated with W.Ø.Larsen pipes.

As the years went by it felt just as natural when it became my design and quality that would characterize the pipes of W.Ø.Larsen.

I am still working with the production of high quality pipes in my own workshop in the beautiful countryside in the southern part of Zealand, Denmark, but it is now under my own name Bennipipes.